Chinese Netizens Expose Rip-offs in Sanya

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The other day,one message in weibo(One site like twitter in China) attracted wide discussion.In the message,one netizen said he was way too much over charged by a seafood restaurant during his vacation in Sanya,a city in south China's Hainan province.
The message was retweeted fast and wide after it was posted,then raised nationwide awareness,including the authorities in Sanya.One official apologized in weibo following the netizen,who later cannot be contacted when the authority called him for proof.Some related official said the affair is now still under investigation,until enough proof is found,no measures will be taken.

About the attitude of the officials,many netizens are not satisfied."It's obvious there are some problems,there is no necessity to lie."Replied one netizen based on the saying from one official "some one is making some false charges at Sanya".One netizen even posted one bill in a seafood restaurant in Sanya,in which 7 dishes for 8 guests costs 9746 yuan($1=¥6.3).

Some Opinions

It's no big deal in Spring festival in a tourism destination.What's more,there are regular seafoods,and precious ones.The price should depends.

The phenomenon is common.It happens in every tourism site.Last time @*&^ (rip-off experiences alike).

Seafood in Sanya is too expensive,what's more,they charge extra "cooking fee"-just too many extra charging.Sanya is beautiful,but too commercial,and too much regional protectionism.

The local citizens are good.It's the outsiders who do business in Sanya.

The place is overrated.It's way too far for an international travelling city.


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